Jackson Hole Climate & Weather

Spring Weather – late April thru June
Rain and sometimes snow accompany mild days and cold nights throughout spring in Jackson Hole. Area lakes have usually thawed by late May. Depending on the previous winter’s snow accumulations, snow pack will exist just above the valley floor until around mid-June. Wildflowers start to bloom once the snow has melted, and are especially abundant in the valley during June and July.

Summer Weather – July and August
Days become warm, but nights are still cool. Rain usually comes in the form of brief thundershowers, which are common in the afternoon. By August, snow in the mountain canyons and divides has mostly disappeared. The number of wildflowers in the Jackson Hole valley declines, while they reach their peak higher up in the mountains.

Fall Weather – September thru November
Nights become cold. Days are generally sunny with occasional rain and some snow. Fall colors are highlighted by golden aspen trees and cottonwoods from late September into early October. Snow becomes more regular in late fall. Elk and other wildlife move out of the higher elevations and into the valleys.

Winter Weather (Late November thru early April)
Snow depths will commonly reach up to ten feet in the upper mountain areas with two to five feet of snow piling up in the valley. Jackson Hole’s average yearly snowfall is 150 inches. Humidity is generally quite low, so snow is usually light and powdery. Air feels warmer without much moisture. Temperature “inversions” often take place, causing temperatures to be 15-20 degrees warmer halfway up the ski mountain than on the valley floor.

Average Temperature Data

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daytime High Temps 28°F 33°F 38°F 48°F 59°F 68°F 79°F 78°F 69°F 54°F 39°F 26°F
Nighttime Low Temps 2°F 7°F 13°F 22°F 31°F 37°F 41°F 37°F 32°F 22°F 14°F 6°F
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