Jackson Hole Area Info

A private oasis in the midst of public lands.

Live in the New West — where Old West flair collides with jaw-dropping natural beauty to make a vibrant mountain-town community.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a place you can let your hair down and feel at home whether you’re dressed to the nines to hit the town or golf course or dressed down for fly fishing or hiking in the Tetons. If you currently live in a city, you’ll be amazed at how friendly and hospitable the people are in Jackson Hole and how simple it will be for you to let your guard down. You’ll instantly feel like you belong in Jackson, especially if you’d rather step out of the limelight for a change. Many real estate buyers also appreciate easy access to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, voted the #1 ski area in the nation by Forbes. Residents also frequent the deep powder at nearby Grand Targhee Resort or the accessible Snow King Ski Area in downtown Jackson.

About Jackson Hole

Our rustic yet refined lifestyle is defined not only by the stunning natural environment we live in, but also by a strong sense of community. We strive diligently to maintain our unique Western character through thoughtful planning, careful land use and extensive charitable giving.

A Tax Haven with a View

Natural beauty is fantastic, but some choose to buy real estate in Jackson Hole for the tax breaks. Bloomberg Wealth Management Magazine called out Wyoming as the most tax-friendly state in the country.

This is partly the reason many high-profile executives, celebrities, sports stars and even prominent political leaders call Jackson home. Or at least have a second home here.

A Recreation Paradise

In summer months, you’ll be able to; mountain bike, hike, whitewater raft, climb, golf, fly fish, paraglide, hunt, watch wildlife, and plenty more.

During the winter, you have access to several world-
renowned ski areas, snowshoeing, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and more that will keep your winters as outdoorsy as your summers.

Pristine Real Estate

Something you’ll soon discover about Jackson is there are no “bad neighborhoods.” Nearly everyone that lives in Jackson takes great pride in being here. No matter your budget or style, you’re likely to find a well-kept and well-appointed home. And if you’re lucky enough to get a large Western ranch or sprawling estate, you’ll own some of the finest land in the country. You’ll also find Western chic cabins or elegant homes constructed with locally sourced materials.

Jackson Hole Lifestyle

Jackson Hole is a top mountain town destination. The lush valley sits between the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges. And the Tetons serve as the headwaters for the Snake River. The river and mountain form the backbone of an active and fit outdoors-oriented community.  The iconic Western landscapes cede to an authentic Western chic community replete with fine dining, destination art galleries, cultural events and nightlife. Many comment how atypical it feels in such a small community.

Jackson Hole offers something for everyone, and in large doses. Prepare for adventure; let the mountains handle the rest.

Land Conservation

In the middle of nearly unimaginable scenic beauty available to all as public lands, landowners and conservation-minded developers have gone to great lengths to keep from miring that beauty with overdevelopment. Unlike other Rocky Mountain resort towns, conservation practices drive the value of the Jackson Hole real estate market more than development and promotion

In fact, many landowners continue to protect open acreage through conservation organizations like the Jackson Hole Land Trust and The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance. These organizations focus on leaving open space to maintain migratory paths for the abundant wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

These conservation practices ensure the rugged and pristine nature of this magical place, but also offer tax benefits to the landowners who willingly sacrifice to make it happen.

A Natural Refuge

Investing in Jackson Hole real estate means you get a lot more than you pay for. After all, 97 percent of the land in Teton County will be yours to access as government-protected lands. The town of Jackson, Wyoming resides within the valley of Jackson Hole — a roughly 50-mile-long snow-fed oasis of greenery, rivers and lakes flanked by stunning mountains like the Grand Tetons.

Just a short drive north of Jackson, you’ll land in Grand Teton National Park with its jaw-dropping peaks erupting from the Snake River plain. Crystal-clear lakes, streams packed with wild and native trout and insanely beautiful granite canyons greet you in every direction.

Grand Teton National Park transitions to Yellowstone National Park at its north end, giving you a chance to experience the world’s first National Park not far from your backyard.

As if Yellowstone and Grand Teton aren’t enough, the National Elk Refuge hugs the north and east edges of Jackson. In the winter, thousands of majestic elk take up residence in the beautiful marshlands surrounding Flat Creek.

Getting Here

Currently we have non-stop flights from 12 different cities including new winter flights from JFK, Seattle and Houston. All major airlines–United, Delta, American and Frontier (United Express and Skywest also support Jackson flights for United and Delta) are serving Jackson Hole offering numerous options.

The strong relationship between JH AIR and our airline partners has resulted in joint planning and collaboration leading to our additional non-stop flights. This on-going effort has produced more airline seats in and out of Jackson Hole, with an 8% increase this winter compared to last year. That combined with having non-stop flights from 12 airports makes connections easier than ever and greatly simplifies travel for all domestic as well as our international visitors.

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