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Jackson Hole Flight Routes

Flying to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole has become a non-stop flight reality, and getting here is easier than ever.

The 2020 summer season currently boasts 11 nonstop flight routes to Jackson Hole airport, the largest airport in the State of Wyoming. The creation of the Jackson Hole Air Improvement Resources Board, also known as JH Air, has created fight routes across the country that can access Jackson Hole quickly and conveniently.

Currently we have nonstop flights to and from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Newark. All major airlines — United, Delta and American — are serving Jackson Hole, offering numerous options. Frontier is also providing flights to and from Denver during the summer months.

Jackson Hole Direct Flight Schedule – Summer 2020*

*As of June 8, 2020. Schedule is subject to change.

Jackson Hole Airport Inbound Flight Schedule Summer 2020

Jackson Hole Airport Outbound Flight Schedule Summer 2020

Driving to Jackson

Road to Mt. Moran in Grand Teton National Park
Road to Mt. Moran in Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Hole is located in Western Wyoming on the border with Idaho. Driving to Jackson can an amazing journey filled with many side adventures. You can drive through multiple national parks and National forests. Towns and cities are a little more spread out in the Rocky Mountains, which means that you will be spending a little bit more time in the car, but with no traffic. Denver takes about 8.5 hours to get to Jackson, while Salt Lake City is a bit closer, taking about 5.5 hours.

Do I need a car?

A car is not absolutely necessary in the summer, but is extremely helpful. You are probably coming to Jackson to explore, so what better way to do that in your own vehicle. The START bus runs on a more limited schedule valley wide in the summer months, but the town shuttle is still available to bring you around town.


If you are staying in Teton Village, you will inevitably travel to downtown Jackson to shop and dine. If you are staying in town, you will need transportation to and from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Both types of trips can be taken on the public bus system – START (Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit) Bus. A cheap and efficient way to travel around the valley, a one-way trip from downtown Jackson to Teton Village costs $3 per person.

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