If you’re a fisherman, you already known how legendary these waters are.
Jackson Hole

The diverse range of fishing in Jackson Hole is sure to please all types of anglers – the Snake River, Hoback River, high-mountain lakes, and pristine spring creeks provide some of the best fishing in the Rocky Mountain West. Jackson Hole offers un-paralleled public access to great fishing in the awe-inspiring Tetons.

Eastern Idaho/Teton Valley

Idaho seems to be an oft-missed corner of the West, with Montana, Wyoming and Utah drawing more visitors. Don’t let this gem of a state fly under your radar, as the fishing here is easily equal to that of its neighboring states, often with less people. Some of the best fishing locales include the Henry’s Fork of the SnakeFall RiverSouth Fork of the Snake, and the Teton River.

Grand Teton National Park

Fishing at the base of the Tetons is a must-do for any angler. Highlights include Jenny Lake, which never disappoints with some of the best scenery in the Park, and the Snake River, which offers excellent trout fishing the entire way through the park. The Jackson Lake Dam, and especially the tail water, is a popular and reliable place to fish.

Yellowstone National Park Fishing

Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area have some of the best trout fishing in the U.S., with rivers and lakes filled with large trout and surrounded by truly spectacular country home to an abundance of amazing wildlife. Try lake fishing on Yellowstone LakeShoshone Lake and Lewis Lake or fly fishing along the FireholeMadisonLamar, and of course the fabulous Yellowstone River.

Ice Fishing

The best ice fishing around can be found at Palisades Reservoir, just south of Jackson near Alpine. Slide Lake in the Gros Ventre Range also offers great ice fishing. Closer to home, ride your snowmobile out on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, one of the few places that allows snowmobiles within the park.

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