From road biking to single track mountain biking to snow biking, Jackson Hole Wyoming biking offers something for everyone from the casual cruiser to the avid enthusiast.

Mountain Biking

The mountains are laced with roads, two-track paths, single-track trails, and paved roads throughout the park and forest areas.

You’ll find us on these trails:

  • Cruiser Ride: National Elk Refuge This dirt road winds along the east side of the National Elk Refuge offering views of the Grand Tetons and the Gros Ventre Range. From the town square, head east on Broadway until it dead ends at the entrance to the National Elk Refuge. Turn left and follow this dirt road. This is an out and back ride, so ride out as far as you like, turn around, and come back. Watch for cars.
  • Road Ride: Grand Teton National Park While the park is currently building more biking pathways to accommodate safe travel for walkers and bikers, the park offers beautiful roads for road riding. You can make a loop out of it and ride up the Outer Park Road and down the Inner Park Road. Like all road rides, watch for cars and large RVs.
  • Downhill Trails: Teton Pass Strap on the armor and hit a number of trails on Teton Pass, built with tons of jumps and features. Stop by a local bike shop for suggestions and directions. Rides like Blacks Canyon and the Parallel Trail are great for those just getting into downhilling.
  • Cross Country Trails: Cache Creek Cache Creek is a popular mountain biking destination among locals. This huge network of trails offers a variety of single track. Check out Putt Putt for a cruisy trail lined with aspens. Or hump it up the Farrins switch backs if you are really looking for the burn. Just heading out the Cache Creek dirt road is a great option for kids and still beautiful and fun.
  • More Single Track: Teton Valley Idaho You’ll find a huge variety of single track just over Teton Pass in the towns of Victor and Driggs Idaho that make up Teton Valley. Try the cruisy but technical Aspen Trail or the fun loop around Rick’s Basin and the downhill trail network at Grand Targhee. Or make an afternoon out of it and head to Horseshoe Canyon (bring a detailed map). If you are heading over from Jackson, stop at the bottom of the pass on the Idaho side and ride the newly developed Rush Hour Trail. A couple of bike shops in Victor and Driggs offer rentals and can guide you on your way.

Paved Pathways

Jackson Hole offers an extensive pathway system that extends throughout the valley.

Some favorites:

  • Town Pathways Most of the paved pathways are located in the southwest portion of town. One of the best access points is behind the post office along Maple Way.
  • Jackson to Grand Teton Park Just north of town you can park your car at the Jackson Hole Visitor Center and ride your bike on a newly paved pathway all the way to Moose, the south entrance of Grand Teton National Park.
  • Grand Teton Park Roads While the park roads are typically narrow and not recommended for bikes, they are open for biking-only in the spring.
  • Moose Wilson Pathway The Moose-Wilson Pathway runs from Wilson, at the base of Teton Pass, to Teton Village. During the summer, you can continue on into Grand Teton National Park (park entrance fee required) to Moose. The road turns to gravel halfway between Teton Village and Moose, but this is a great secluded corridor for viewing wildlife.
  • Old Pass Road From the base of Teton Pass, you can ride or walk up the steep Old Pass Road for as long as you like. It takes a little over an hour to ride all the way to the top of the pass on this unmaintained road.
  • Future Trails Jackson is constantly working on ways to improve its network of paved pathways. In the future look for completed paths from Jackson to Wilson and along Broadway.

Snow Biking

A new popular winter activity is snow biking. Snow bikes have fat studded tires allowing riders to cruise along groomed or packed winter trails. Access areas you can usually only see with snowshoes or cross country skis. Tours and rentals are available.

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